These pages provide links to my various books and (mainly) academic articles. I have not included encyclopedia entries, book reviews, magazine articles and other minor works. For convenience, I have grouped the publications under six general headings, but the boundaries are not firm. In research and writing as in more practical matters I’ve always been something of a Jack-of-all-trades and have been lucky enough to be able to follow a range of multi-disciplinary interests rather than confining myself to any one specialism. My core intellectual interests are in the history and philosophy of science, politics and morality, drawing on philosophy to frame my topics and history to explore them. But I have also spent most of my career teaching and managing in business schools and a lot of my work has been devoted to understanding from a very practical perspective how businesses and other organizations work. These rather different themes inevitably overlap in some of my writing, but only to a limited extend. The categories within each theme are, however, more fluid.