Although I’ve done bits of research in this area, my main interest has always been in teaching and exposition. In the mid-1980s I taught what was probably the first ever business ethics course in the UK, at London Business School, and have been teaching and writing on the subject regularly ever since, drawing both on philosophy (applied ethics – what we should do) and on sociology (what we do do). My most recent work is on ethics in finance. See Teaching Resources for an additional text and cases in this area.


Ethics and Finance: Why is it Such a Problem?
Published in the European Financial Review, October – November 2015.
Ethics and Finance: An Introduction
Cambridge University Press, 2013A clear and comprehensive guide to some of the most contentious ethical aspects of modern finance.
Features examples and boxed case studies, including a detailed study of the 2008 financial crisis.
Includes worked examples of the application of ethics, combined with examples left open for class discussion.
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Between Enterprise and Ethics
Oxford University Press, 2004What are the implications of a society in which traditional moral values of duty and obligation sit side by side with socially legitimized self-interest? Drawing on insights from history, sociology and social anthropology, this book traces the emergence of today’s ‘bimoral’ society and explores its implications for the management and governance of business. 50+ cites
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Managing in the New Moral Culture
This essay, originally produced as a paperback pamphlet in 2003, summarizes the main arguments of my book Between Enterprise and Ethics.
Business Ethics
Butterwirth Heinemann, 1994Now out of print but widely available secondhand, this was graciously described by Charles Handy as ‘the first coherent approach to Business Ethics which I have seen… splendidly authoritative and packed with good examples’.
Only Human?
Public lecture at the University of Reading, February 2008
Lady Chatterley, Conkers and Entrepreneurial Freedom
Unpublished discussion paper, 2004
Beyond Analysis: Moral Engagement, Case Studies and the Teaching of Business Ethics
Brunel University Conference on Teaching Business Ethics, Brunel University, December 2002
Recovering Moral Engagement in Business: From Discipline to Dialogue
Paper presented at the Society for Business Ethics annual conference, Seattle, 2003.
Moral Departures and Moral Resources in Bureaucratic and Post-Bureaucratic Organizations
Unpublished working paper, 2002.
Missing the Target: Normative Stakeholder Theory and the Corporate Governance Debate
Business Ethics Quarterly 11: 159-176 (2001). Reprinted in Moon, J., Orlitsky, M and Whelan, G., eds, Corporate Governance and Business Ethics (Edward Elgar, 2010) 50+ cites
Economic Contracts versus Social Relationships as a Foundation for Normative Stakeholder Theory
Business Ethics: A European Review 10: 223-232 (2001) 50+ cites
After Durkheim: An Agenda for the Sociology of Business Ethics
Journal of Business Ethics 34: 209-218 (2001)
Universalizability and Reciprocity in International Business Ethics
Business Ethics Quarterly 9: 405-420 (1999). Reprinted in G. Redding & B.W. Stening, Cross-Cultural Management (Edward Elgar, 2002)
Morality and Markets: a Response to Boatright
Business Ethics Quarterly 11: 537-545 (2001)