This is something of a catch-all category, including bits of methodology and some sociological critique, but the primary focus is on management as an intensely human rather than merely technical activity and on the kinds of management education that might support that.


Management: A Very Short Introduction
Oxford University Press, 2013An authoritative guide to the main principles of management
Looks at the history of management theory and modern practice
Considers management in a social and cultural context
Explores the issues of morality and accountability
Part of the bestselling Very Short Introduction series – over six million copies sold worldwide
USA link…
Exploring CEO Identities: Leadership, Accountability and Role
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Educating Managers fo Post-Bureaucracy: The Role of the Humanities
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Management Education and the Humanities: The Challenge of Post-Bureaucracy
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Cultural Theory and Contemporary Management Organization
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The Cultural Confusions of Enterprise and the Myth of the Bureaucratised Entrepreneur
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The Challenge of Professional Education in Management
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Mintzberg’s Theory of Organization Structure: A Critical Assessment and Extension
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