Formally retired I now teach mainly for pleasure, and mainly for free. Below are some indications of the areas in which I may be available, and on what terms. I live in London and Oxfordshire, so for practical purposes prefer engagements within reasonable reach of one or the other.

Guest lectures, seminars and panels for schools
Strongly committed to a liberal arts education I am happy to consider organizing or delivering anything that might broaden the intellectual horizons of sixth-formers, especially if it introduces them to fundamental issues in politics, ethics and scientific method that (sadly) have no place in the core curriculum. There would normally be no costs attached.

University guest lectures and short modules in the humanities
I am always happy to consider teaching assignments in and around my current research areas, either in history (the history of morals) or philosophy (introductory philosophy of science or applied ethics).

Lectures and courses in business and financial ethics
Having pioneered teaching in these areas in the UK, I currently have well-developed, up-to-date and flexible modules in both International Business Ethics and Financial Ethics. I would generally offer these at standard market rates with the fee going to charity but am open to suggestions.

Lectures and courses in business strategy
This has been the core of my teaching for many years, at executive, MBA and MSc levels. It is not now high on my priority list, but the materials are developed, the subject is great fun, and I am happy to consider any proposals that involve either a very high fee or a very good cause.

Management consulting

Lombridge Pro Bono
Lombridge Pro Bono has been created to provide strategic and management advice on a pro bono basis to the charitable sector.

Our approach is to provide informal counseling and consultancy without fees or obligations, using a network of experienced managers and consultants. The only costs incurred by our clients are modest travel expenses, where necessary. Our particular focus is on education and the arts, but we are happy to discuss any possible assignment.